You Would Be Stunned To See How Much Kapil Sharma And Team...

You Would Be Stunned To See How Much Kapil Sharma And Team Earns Per Show!


It is a well known fact that established TV stars earn a jackpot, in form of the fees they charge! However, when we talk about Kapil Sharma, the comedy King on TV, the amount he charges per show will leave you stunned.

As per reports, it is stated that Kapil Sharma charges ’40 lakhs’ per show. Yes, aren’t you surprised to hear the amount? Well, he is paid such a whopping sum because Kapil not only hosts the show but also takes care of the creatives, which further add to the brand value.

Reports also stated that for hosting a show in Malaysia, Kapil demanded an amount of Rs 75 lakhs. The organizers were in a dilemma since they didn’t want to let him go, but at the same time had a limited budget. They sought help from sponsors and advertisers for such a hefty amount. The comedian has also brought a Range Rover Evoque which costs around 50 lakhs. Let us have a look at the rate chart of the team too!

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