Shah Rukh Opens Up About Daughter Suhana’s Viral Bikini Pic

Shah Rukh Opens Up About Daughter Suhana’s Viral Bikini Pic


SRK’s daughter Suhana made headlines several months back when her pic in two-piece went viral over web and social media. People were amazed seeing this avatar of Suhana since she’s only 16 and few websites posted her photo too, for obvious reasons. The pic showed the girl with AbRam at some beach and even though it made her famous, Shah Rukh was not at all happy but rather upset and wanted websites to take the photo out. Recently in an interview with Huffingtonpost, SRK opened up about the bikini pic of his daughter.


This is what the actor stated,

“She was in a bikini, she was on a beach, and she was with her little brother. You went ahead and wrote a headline, “SRK’s daughter flaunts her body.” Is it a little cheap? Maybe I felt it was. I reached out nicely and said, dude, your website is not going to run on my daughter’s bikini body, can you please take it out? People saw where I was coming from. My daughter was a little awkward about it. She’s 16, yaar. And the headlines some sites use are… wow. We’re very liberal people and even had a laugh about it. But it’s still awkward.”

Shah Rukh said that he wished Suhana’s pics to be removed to save the girl not from media but from himself as it was just because of his stardom that Suhana came into limelight. Had it been any ordinary girl other than a celeb’s daughter, her pics would not have made headlines.
In the words of Shah Rukh Khan,

“When my daughter’s pictures were splashed everywhere online and when I jumped to get it contained, I wasn’t protecting her from the media – I was protecting her from me. It’s my stardom that was the reason that picture made it to the news – it wouldn’t have if she wasn’t SRK’s daughter. There could be someone running naked and that wouldn’t be news.”

Well, it sounds that Shah Rukh has mentioned a valid point!