Leaked! Is She The First Contestant Of Bigg Boss 10 ?

Leaked! Is She The First Contestant Of Bigg Boss 10 ?


Bigg Boss 10 has already created a wave of excitement and is eagerly awaited by the audience. Since a while now, there have been reports that this season is going to be a mix of regular people and celebrities. And wait, the makers of this show have already found the first celebrity. Any guesses? Well, it is Qandeel Baloch, the Pakistan Ki Poonam Pandey! Yes, you heard it right…


According to reports by TOI, makers have approached Qandeel to take part in this show. Now, Qandeel says that she would do the show only if the makers agree to her conditions. As of now, no one knows what her conditions are.

Well, Qandeel Baloch is just perfect for this show as she is already so popular for her social media sensations and tweets. No one would forget her sizzling hot videos for cricket team and love notes to SRK and Virat Kohli.


But, the question is whether Qandeel is actually going to enter the show or it is just for publicity? When it comes to Bigg Boss, reports state names of very popular celebs, but in reality, the contestants turn out to be different…TOI has reported about Qandeel, but RVCJ believes in factual reporting! So, we ask you people, do you really think the reports are correct?